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Maggie Gyllenhaal
01:53|Thursday|19th|March|2009(no subject)
Grandmother Willow
Maggie Ghyllenhaal - 9
Rachel Dawes/Pepper Potts - 2

15:12|Wednesday|18th|March|2009(no subject)
Twi; Coloured by a faint pink glow

{19} Disney (misc.)
{07} Emily Browning & Gaspard Ulliel
{16} Doctor Who (misc.)
{06} Emily Browning
{09} Edward Scissorhands
{12} Misc. Actresses
{06} Gaspard Ulliel
{05} Juno
{15} LOST
{33} Misc. Actors
{17} The Mighty Boosh
{15} The Office (US)
{21} Pushing Daisies
{18} Comics (misc.)
{23} Twilight (misc.)


{01} Emily Browning & Gaspard Ulliel


{03} Emily Browning & Gaspard Ulliel
{05} Kristen Stewart & Gaspard Ulliel

All over HERE @ limbslikewire if you're interested.

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10:18|Thursday|22nd|January|2009 - Exclussive Photoshoot Outtakes

It pays off having nothing better to do that surf through the internet cause look what I just found for  you; some outtakes from a photoshoot Maggie has done for Italian Vogue! The pictures are absolute breath-taking and it's probably one of Maggie's best photoshoots (hopefully we'll get them untagged).

View all pictures at Maggie-Gyllenhaal.net
13:40|Monday|5th|January|2009 - Exclussive Maggie Photoshoot

Bringing you a super cute and exclussive photoshoot with Maggie, view all pictures at: Maggie-Gyllenhaal.net

12:39|Monday|29th|December|2008 - New Maggie & Peter Candids
New candids with Maggie & Peter out in NYC has been added to Maggie-Gyllenhaal.net

NYC - 23rd December 2008
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
+6 more

NYC - 26th December 2008
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
+5 more

View more pictures at Maggie-Gyllenhaal.net
21:29|Sunday|23rd|November|2008 - 50 M.Gyllenhaal Icons
50 icons that I made forceleb_100 .


The rest are here @ dueladent 

15:53|Thursday|3rd|July|2008 - Interview With Maggie Gyllenhaal
baby weiner
Hey Everyone! My online magazine recently got to participate in interviews with the cast of the upcoming Batman film entitled Dark Knight!! Check out below our podcast interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal:


**A big thing to note is that it is hard to hear a lot of the questions that are being asked. We did not do the recording of the podcasts ourselves, this was done through Warner Brothers. If you do have problems hearing please try and turn the volume up as best as you can.**
16:20|Monday|3rd|March|2008 - Secretary icons

Find all 35 here at rightonicons!

Maggie was just featured in a campaign to raise money for the microfinancing charity, Trickle Up, where she helped design & promote a limited edition $100 necklace.  All proceeds going to the charity, which helps poor people around the globe start microenterprises!  Check out the animated video (voice over), campaign and necklace: www.trickleup.org/seedadream.
11:26|Friday|1st|June|2007 - paris, je t'aime
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x. blanks are not bases
x. enjoy!

(vous dire je t'aime, j'ai peur, je le crains)
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